Monday’s the start of the week. A new start, after a hard-earned break over the weekends. Not necessarily so, because many people do work on weekends to keep the world spinning.

My reader feeds me with inspiring short films from various blogs, and I always get new feelings watching the different films made by different people, telling their stories. Film is not the only way of telling stories, but it can be the most captivating.

So here I have, three films to share on this particular Monday. I play the classical guitar myself, and that interest resonates with the first film. Sometimes I aspire to play music like that, but it is apparent that my lack of discipline will never bring me that far. The second film’s pretty breathtaking. Lots of cliches, nevertheless you can take away a deal of feelings from it. And while I don’t quite agree with the biology behind the third film, it is certainly one of my favorites. Wicked.

So take some time off and enjoy these films in full-screen, for they are so much better than what we have on television. And you’ll be all set for the week ahead.

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