Film <1> adopts a simple yet stunning videography. Interesting perspective, though not original. Credit goes to using a child’s charm and innocence to bring across a message, and the film has served its purpose, to draw empathy and garner support. It’s not a piece of depth, but the audio and visual elements are well-pieced together.

<2> I’m not a big fan of upbeat music, DJ, loud music and stuff. Nevertheless, what I really like about this film are the illustrations that make this worth watching.

<3> is the star of the week. Nothing like I’ve seen before. A surreal piece, symbols and all. Sometimes I’m not really sure what the film was about. Suffering, sin, redemption, the good and bad in our world. What I would say for sure is that I couldn’t tear myself away. Fantastic score, even better visuals. Check out the link below after you’ve watched the film!

I suppose Fridays are better days to sit back and relax in front of your computer, and reward yourself with some thought-provoking or stunning motion pictures. After all, T.G.I.F. I have a penchant for the beautiful and the strange, even better, the combination of both. Spend some time, keep away the endless distractions you have on the internet and watch these deserving works in HD, full screen, and headphones/earphones on.

<Watchable> will be a weekly feature, on Fridays, so stay tuned!

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