La Tarte Infiniment Vanille de Pierre Hermé

For some students in my school, it’s a delight to hear that there’s a Pierre Hermé Boutique just two metro stations away. Once in a while, a box of pastries from the shop would appear in the school’s common fridge. Some who live near the school for convenience’s sake become regulars as they pick upContinue reading “La Tarte Infiniment Vanille de Pierre Hermé”

Croissants I

Croissants. The classic viennoiserie that every boulangerie should aspire to be proud of their own. Be it in France, Singapore, or anywhere else, the croissant can be representative of how much the chefs in the kitchens respect their products. It is not extremely difficult to make a decent one by hand, but to craft theContinue reading “Croissants I”