LostPoets | The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

In the last ~20 hours, thousands of cryptonatives participated in a historic moment to turn their Pages into Poets. To say the least, it was a hauntingly beautiful event. One that forces an examination and introspection of the human condition: What is beauty? “There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in theContinue reading “LostPoets | The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”

#Curates 001 | OwangeBoy

By some luck I stumbled upon Kong Andri‘s work, and these stumbles have always been pleasant. Kong is a graphics designer and a toy designer, and the creator of Owangeboy – a character that exudes an astronomical amount of nostalgia. While the kid reminds me of Astro Boy and Mega Man, Kong’s style epitomizes aContinue reading “#Curates 001 | OwangeBoy”

#10 Grim

The past week has been rather ‘mortifying.’ It started off with the Boston bombing, followed by the Texas explosion. Earthquakes terrorized Iran, then Sichuan, China. The threat of H7N9 lingers on, as well as the ricin letters. It was an easy week to give up faith for the future. I am not trying to downplayContinue reading “#10 Grim”

#9 Persuasion

At last, back again on my sunny island. The chilly weather in Seoul was reminiscent of the cold winter in Paris, but instead of ‘going solo’ this time around, I was with my family. In fact, Seoul isn’t one of my favorite cities for reasons I shall reserve to myself. Personal experiences only serve toContinue reading “#9 Persuasion”