Do electric sheep dream of NFT Tulips?


An NFT project featuring digital tulips, built on Ethereum.

For every tulip, each petal’s colours and highlights are randomly selected, just like how real tulips mutated from simple bold-coloured petals to rare varied patterns!

Get your NFT Tulips here.

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Sep 2021

All means necessary


Musings on coffees (and sometimes cake).

12-post ‘mini-series’ of coffees, cakes, and everything delicious around Singapore.

Find the series here.

Dec 2013 – Sep 2014

The perfect tang.

Always Hungry

Purely delicious.

Think croissants, baguettes, and tarte au citron. Started with my “sweet” journey in Paris when I enrolled myself in a pâtisserie course in Le Cordon Bleu.

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Jan 2013 – Aug 2014


In search of inspiration.

Series of posts on creative content found on the Internet. A great nostalgic trip to go through them again!

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Jun 2012 – Apr 2013