Creatives (Again!)

I used to write about creative works I stumbled upon on the Internet, in part inspired by bloggers like Inspirational Geek. “Used to” is a euphemism, because that was more than 7 years ago.

Why am I starting again?

I created an NFT project (ManiaTulips) as a “capstone” for all the coding courses I’ve been taking, and as a consequence caught the creative bug (again). I was trying to build a following on Instagram, and in my efforts I discovered many inspirational artists and work that got me excited.

It isn’t about NFTs, how much the crypto-rich pay for them , or how NFT-centric communities “create value”. What I discovered were artists who create because it’s who they are – real and authentic folks who are just trying to express themselves instead of making a quick buck.

It was also a “treasure trove” effect. When I wrote in the past, Instagram was mostly (for me) a social platform where I followed my friends rather than creatives. It felt like I was missing out on a lot, I’m not sure, but it’s time to find out.

Why blog? Why not tweet, or post Instagram stories, or even TikTok videos?

Yes – videos are the key to engagement today, to build a following etc.. I spent my formative years in the blogging era, so it’s pretty nostalgia.

And I like to write, more than any other forms of media, to express my thoughts. That’s probably the only reason I need.

What will I feature?

Same as before – anything that inspires me or makes me marvel. And especially if it comes out from the need for expression than the need for crypto.

Yes, yes – artists are entrepreneurs too, and we all need to make a living. But that doesn’t mean we leave behind the human-side of creation. That is the side where I find the most interesting stories 😉