Tarte au Citron: A Perfect Tang

I have put off writing for some time, in part due to a recent development in my living arrangement that has left me in partial distraught, and in another part, I was bothered about the legitimacy of writing about food. The former was an unexpected incident of which I am scarce with explanation in respectContinue reading “Tarte au Citron: A Perfect Tang”

Grand Cru: A splendid ensemble.

Over the past few days, I have busied myself with revision for a theory exam that passed yesterday. I didn’t have time to write until now. That is a partial truth, because there is always time for pastries. To my horror, I am starting to sound like an addict, with an unhealthy obsession for sweets.Continue reading “Grand Cru: A splendid ensemble.”

Cake Framboise et Thé Matcha

From time to time, a simple dessert can hit the right spot. Some, like the Opéra, take laborious effort and time to piece together, while others only require a little more than mixing the ingredients together and baking in the oven. I may be over-simplifying, but it’s a matter of relativity. Yet, simplicity does notContinue reading “Cake Framboise et Thé Matcha”


In many contemporary desserts, pastry chefs take painstaking efforts in assembling layers of different ingredients. They imagine how flavors of fruits, spices, nuts, cream and biscuits work in synergy with one another, and put them together in an artful blend. No one knows, but perhaps the concept of layering finds its roots in this pastryContinue reading “Millefeuille”

La Tarte Infiniment Vanille de Pierre Hermé

For some students in my school, it’s a delight to hear that there’s a Pierre Hermé Boutique just two metro stations away. Once in a while, a box of pastries from the shop would appear in the school’s common fridge. Some who live near the school for convenience’s sake become regulars as they pick upContinue reading “La Tarte Infiniment Vanille de Pierre Hermé”